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Q: How can I tell if my windshield can be repaired?

A: If the damage is not in the 'acute area' – the area where the driver must look out of the windshield the majority of the time – and the damage is a crack that is less than 24 inches long, it can usually be repaired.

If the damage is a ding and the area has been kept free of dirt and moisture, it can almost always be repaired. We offer "ding patches" that you can carry with you to cover a ding area immediately after it occurs, in order to keep it clean and dry. In most cases, dings can be repaired so that they will be much less noticeable.

Q: How long does a ding repair take?

A: Most dings can be repaired in just 30 minutes. However, circumstances such as size or severity can prolong some repair jobs.

Q: Why is the windshield so important to my safety?

A: Through the years, automobile manufacturers have begun to design windshields as a major part of the support given to the roof of a vehicle. Air bags also make the windshield's strength important. When an air bag deploys, it opens at an incredible 150 to 200 miles per hour. This energy must be absorbed by the windshield. In order to ensure you and your passengers remain safe, the integrity of the windshield must be maintained so it can handle the stress of air bags opening.

Q: If shops use the same glass in a replacement, what makes Scott Glass Professional Auto Glass Replacement & Repair different when they replace a windshield?

A: Use of the proper glass is very important, but the techniques and other materials used in glass replacement can make or break an installation (no pun intended).

At Scott Glass Professional Auto Glass Replacement & Repair, we remove all moldings, clips and cowls in the glass area. We check the site for any rust – which can compromise a good installation. The area is vacuumed to remove debris and then the old adhesive is cut to allow us to remove the glass.

The new glass is checked for fit before installation. The remaining old adhesive is then cut to allow better access and fit. We check the area again for rust and prime any scratches prior to the next step. The inside surface of the new windshield is cleaned and primed with special materials for better adhesion in the new installation. We then apply a bead of urethane to the pinch weld on top of the prepared area on the vehicle.

The new windshield is then installed over this urethane bead. All clips, screws, molding and other fasteners are replaced. We reinstall the wipers (which are almost always removed prior to an installation) and test them to ensure proper positioning. The new glass is cleaned inside and out and the installation area is vacuumed again to remove any installation debris.

Then – depending on the type of urethane used, the temperature and the humidity – we allow the installation to "cure" for the proper length of time to ensure a strong seal between the vehicle body and the windshield. We will not sacrifice safety for speed when installing a new windshield!

Q: Scott Glass Professional Auto Glass Replacement & Repair uses urethane adhesives in auto glass replacement. Won't any glass adhesive work?

A: At Scott Glass Professional Auto Glass Replacement & Repair, we use only adhesives that have been approved by the automobile manufacturers and the Federal government or those that exceed the specifications of these two groups.

Q: How long will a windshield replacement take?

A: There are a lot of things that can impact a replacement job, including:
  • The model of vehicle
  • The condition of the vehicle body
  • The style of glass originally used and the availability of a proper replacement
  • The weather conditions which impact the urethane curing time
  • And more
We normally need a vehicle for approximately four to five hours for a windshield replacement. For a nominal charge, faster curing urethanes can be used on most vehicles to reduce the replacement time by half. 
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