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Not All Damaged Windshields Need to Be Replaced
Modern technology has created resins and techniques that allow a trained technician to repair many dings, stars, bull's-eyes and even cracks in automotive windshields. Since repairing a windshield costs significantly less than replacing the windshield, and many automobile policies have high deductibles – NOT replacing your windshield may save you LOTS of money.

Although there are many reputable automotive glass service shops, there are also many where the personnel are not fully trained in the best repair techniques. An improperly handled repair can leave your glass with flaws that can make vision difficult, and in some instances may weaken your glass, making your windshield a hazard in the event of an accident.

We invite you to ask us for a second opinion before you replace a windshield that another shop says cannot be repaired. Rest assured, if we cannot do a repair in a satisfactory manner, we will tell you. We take such pride in our work that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on every repair we perform.

View our FAQ section for more information on automotive glass repair. If you still have questions feel free to contact us at (361) 854-8000.


If You Must Replace Your Automotive Glass, Be Certain You Do So Safely
Have you ever seen a vehicle driving down the road with blue or black tape on the windshield? If you need tape to hold up your windshield, or hold down a molding, that vehicle is not safe to drive!

Did you know that in the automobiles made today, 70% of the overall structural integrity of the vehicle in a rollover depends on your windshield?

An improperly installed windshield could pop out, leaving your vehicle with almost no support over the front seat in a rollover. Your life may well depend on your windshield if you are involved in an accident!

There is also a great difference in the glass and material quality that can be found in auto glass replacements. At Scott Glass, we use only those materials and windshields that meet the standards of the original equipment manufacturer and those of the federal government.

Scott Glass has a reputation for the highest quality work when replacing auto glass. We will not skimp on materials or labor when installing auto glass. We treat each vehicle as if a member of our own family were going to be driving it out of our shop.

We strive to always keep you fully informed about exactly what your vehicle requires in order for you to leave our shop with a windshield that is not only 'leak proof,’ but also safe! Contact us today for a FREE quote!

Insurance 411!

We Take the Hassle Out of Insurance Claims
At Scott Glass Professional Auto Glass Replacement & Repair, we maintain relationships with all major insurance companies. Our trained specialists are always available to assist you with the processing of your insurance claim. With direct computer links to most major insurance providers and up-to-date technology and office systems, Scott Glass is able to expedite the processing of automotive glass claims. This means less inconvenience for you.

Scott Glass is proud of our reputation as a true service company. We do not offer our customers just automotive glass service, we provide convenience, top-quality materials and installation service, and the very finest in superior customer service.

Drop by our shop and visit with us before you need auto glass service. You will understand why Scott Glass should be your auto glass company.
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